There have been tremendous advancements in pharmaceutical therapies, diagnostic tools, and complete treatment technologies over the last three decades. However, little progress has been made to improve day-to-day patient bedside care. Until now.

The MOD® - Medication on Demand - is a patient-controlled oral drug delivery system that provides hospitals, healthcare professionals and patients a better way to manage pain. The MOD® offers multiple benefits to users and providers, including increased patient satisfaction and comfort, and greater overall nursing staff satisfaction while achieving compliance with The Joint Commission (TJC) requirements. The MOD® delivers improved bedside patient care. The MOD® puts the patient in control of their oral pain medication delivery.

The device is locked onto an IV pole, delivered to the patient's bedside and placed within easy reach of the patient. The patient wears a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) wristband programmed into the device for the exclusive use by that patient only. When the lock-out interval has passed, the patient sees the bright green ready light on the MOD®. To request a dose of medication the patient follows these three easy steps...

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